The President’s Message

President LEE, HUNG-CHUN

The two primary goals of TIBA include assisting the government to promote intelligent green building and establishing an exchange platform among industries, the government, and academia.

Our commitments comprise of:

  • Implementing professional technical services
  • Improving technological research projects
  • Supporting training courses
  • Issuing professional certification
  • Promoting intelligent building

In addition to our own research and development projects, TIBA has also provided numerous technical services since its establishment. In 2012, we organized the “Symbiotic Intelligence and Green Forum” as well as the “2010 Intelligent Building & Material Exhibition”. In 2011, we establish the “Quality Intelligent Residential Building Hall” under the support of Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior. And in 2012, we organized “The Application of BIM in Intelligent Building Forum”. Furthermore, we also invited partners in China and Korea to introduce the development status of intelligent building in Asia at the “Asia-Pacific Intelligent Building Technology Forum”.

Partnered with the Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of the Interior, Institute for Information Industry, and Chinese Culture University, TIBA offers Intelligent Building Personnel training courses in order to improve the quality of Taiwan’s intelligent building professions. Intelligent Building Materials are not only essential elements for intelligent building but also provide an upgrade opportunity for building and ICT industries in Taiwan. Therefore, TIBA will also promote intelligent building materials.

Meanwhile, TIBA is building up relationships with respective intelligent building associations and organizations in countries located in Asia Pacific, which includes China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. We hope the establishment of APIGBA can provide an open platform for technology and information exchange as well as create common standards of intelligent green building within Asia.

TIBA has come a long way since its establishment. We will continue with our endeavors to fulfill the commitments of creating a better intelligent living environment with safety, security, health, convenience, and energy efficiency to build a better future for Taiwan.