TIBA members were invited to visit Farglory U-TOWN on June 29th, 2017 (Friday) at 1pm. This event included discussions about intelligent architecture as well as a tour around Farglory U-TOWN, which is a commercial complex that has many amazing features such as a 100 ping (3,558 square feet) office with no pillars, an intelligent logistics management center, the largest shopping center in Shizhi, and a train station designed for convenience. They have also worked with the leading company of Taiwan telecommunication industry Chung Hwa Telecom to develop a unique cloud technology office. This will largely help the enterprise no longer pay high costs to lease cloud servers.

Architects came from over 6 different countries to help co-design this commercial complex. There are not only intelligent surveillance systems, air-conditioning systems, logistic management systems but Farglory U-TOWN also consolidates informative telecom and logistic industries to develop this intelligent commercial complex. Through this event, we have provided attending TIBA members a further understanding in intelligent architecture.

Photos of this event are pictured below:


Pre-visit discussion



Professor Wen’s (Honorary President of TIBA) speech



Cloud Control Room



Visit to Baiping Intelligent Office



Taiwan’s Longest Commercial Escalator



Train Station Design



TIBA visiting guests take a group photo together



Members take part in a discussion



To show our gratitude and appreciation, Director Ren was granted a certificate for his contributions