Hello everybody,

The TIBA AWARDS will be held this year, where excellent and outstanding intelligent green architectural designs and products will be chosen from local areas to compete in the regional selection for awards. Then in the following year, those outstanding designs and products that were selected will join a regional competition called APIGBA AWARDS, which is hosted by APIGBA. The Asian Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance (APIGBA) was established by South Korea, Singapore, mainland China, Hong Kong, and other regions. The winner of the APIGBA AWARDS will become a representative of APIGBA.

Taiwan will be selecting 11 works for the awards from different categories. There will be 4 from design, 2 from performance, 2 from renovation, and 3 from system.

Activities being held are listed on our Facebook official website.Taiwan Intelligent Building Association

Award Candidate Links

Design, 4 works https://goo.gl/GSGRfb
Performance, 2 works https://goo.gl/eCkLEZ
Renovation, 2 works https://goo.gl/MgbxkP
System, 3 works https://goo.gl/rtr5A4

Official Facebook link: https://goo.gl/qY9N9s 

There are 2000 yuan 7-11 coupons up for grabs in the raffle drawing!

Taiwan Intelligent Building Association has the right to change all activities.